Jonathan Mantle

Dhofar, Oman

Taipei, Taiwan



'For me, a work that is meant to be made comes out fully-formed. I think my best work has been done on a walk or on a train or in a supermarket. Then you go home and write it - i.e take away the scaffolding of thought and ambition and self.'                                                                                                                                                  


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Biography Jonathan was born in Yorkshire. His maternal family are artists, farmers, clerics and bohemians. His paternal family are from the Scottish borders and include soldiers, mountaineers, doctors, tea planters in India and coffee growers in Kenya’s ‘Happy Valley’.  

Jonathan moved house fourteen times by the time he was eighteen: ‘When you have a dislocated childhood, as an imaginative child you create your own world and learn to survive as what you think is an adult. You live, you don't belong. I think in some respects – generally positive ones - you grow up in a different way.’

'And stories are your equipment for living.' 

Jonathan is the oldest of three children. His father saw active service with the RNVR in the Atlantic, Normandy and Far Eastern campaigns in World War 2 and went on to a career with a multi-national agrochemicals company. His mother was a fighter-bomber instructor in the WRNS and a painter. His sister Alison and brother Anthony are visual artists. Anthony Dod Mantle is the Oscar-winning cinematographer of Slumdog Millionaire.  

Jonathan was educated at five different schools and at Pembroke College, Cambridge, where he graduated with a B.A (Hons.) in English Literature. He has been a farm labourer, builder, literacy teacher, copywriter and bodyguard. He has also worked in Oman and Pakistan. He has been a full-time professional writer since 1984. 

Jonathan has two grown-up children and lives by the sea near London. Recreations? 'I don't have any. Running, cooking and sailing are integral to my life.'  

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