The purpose of this website is to showcase Jonathan Mantle & Associates. Whether it's a story in print, digital, film or video, we hope you find it useful and entertaining and we welcome your enquiries. 

How do we work?

What format will work best for me?

How much will it cost?

How long will it take? 

How can I afford it?

We can advise you on all these things.

We also give constructive criticism - 'concrit' - for free:

'Without your support I would never have got into college and done all the things I have done.' - Giulia, 26, London 

'My writing career is off the ground! Thank you for mentoring me through that tricky transition stage post-graduation. I really appreciate all the advice and guidance.'  - Callum, 22, London

'You had a steady stream of students talking with you. As you know it’s  hard for students to know how to start on these kinds of careers and what the opportunities are – in contrast to the City employers who bombard them.  So thanks very much for taking time out of your busy day to give your advice and help to students trying to find their way in this tricky sector.'  - Cambridge University Careers Service

'Thank you so much for your input and advice - it has given me the confidence to take my work to the next level.' - Francis, 23, Cambridge    

'Phew - you have no idea what a difference your encouragement has made!'  - Fay, London     

'I am so grateful for your help - now I have the confidence!' - Monty, 21, Shanghai


Jonathan Mantle  November 2018 

Photographs of Jonathan Mantle by Debra Hurford Brown