What is a trade book? A trade book is a book with a cover price that you buy in a bookshop or on Amazon or download on Kindle.

Jonathan’s eight trade books include three Sunday Times Top 10 bestsellers, three national newspaper serialisations and an American Book of the Month Club choice, and are published in seventeen languages in over 30 countries.

`You will find it impossible to put this book down` 'IN FOR A PENNY' Spectator

`Destined to be a modern classic`
'IN FOR A PENNY' Financial Times

`Candid and well-written` 'ARCHBISHOP' Independent

`Mantle has a riveting tale to tell` 'FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS' London Review of Books

‘A timely and important book` 'FOOL’S GOLD' Time Out

`A book I couldn’t put down` 'CAR WARS' Autovisie, Netherlands

`A great tale…an absorbing read…fascinating`
'CAR WARS' Business World, India

‘The one car book you could read on the beach’
'CAR WARS' James May, Top Gear

`Astonishing…Mantle spins tales that revise modern history` 'CAR WARS' USA Publishers Weekly

‘Mantle's book is admirably illustrated with photos, designs and illustrations… It's ideal reading for the train or ‘plane and would go well under the Christmas tree. Let's just hope it is soon to be followed by "Fifty More Companies that Changed the World", which will include all the ones I wish had been there and weren't.’   'COMPANIES THAT CHANGED THE WORLD' customer review 

‘I really recommend it, it’s such an interesting read and it’s full of amazing stories.’ Jenny Crwys-Williams, Talk Radio 702 South Africa 

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