We are multi-media story producers founded in 2010 and based in London. Together we create print and digital stories across the corporate, cultural and educational sectors.  

Jonathan Mantle's books have been published in 30 countries and 16 languages - he is also a writer and producer for theatre, film and video.  He is Director of Communications of the manufacturing business Swindens Patents Ltd. - -and co-founder with Tony Othen of the e-learnng range of products Photo Triggers -  He lives in London.

In April 2017 Jonathan was a Guest Contributor to the Cambridge 'Sci-tech +Creativity' Entrepreneurship Programme for students from Shanghai Art and Design Academy at Lucy Cavendish College Cambridge:

'I was so pleased you could take part - your contribution was great and the students loved it.' Professor Alan Barrell, Course Co-ordinator.

Read Jonathan's piece on why a car can be the symbol of a nation's identity in the South China Morning Post -

Jonathan's latest contract book is 'THE DIAMOND 'D': A CELEBRATION OF 150 YEARS OF J.& J. DENHOLM'    

'The book looks terrific and has been admired by everyone who has seen it.' John Denholm, Chairman and Chief Executive J & J Denholm

 RIP DAVID BOWIE: 'The ambiguity and mystery of his image have much to do with his ability to stay one step ahead of his audience' - Jonathan's interview with David Bowie, Vogue 1978, with photographs by Snowdon - see

Jonathan's book 'COMPANIES THAT CHANGED THE WORLD' is on Kindle - see - and has recently been published in China.  'A great read about significant companies impacting our development...I was inspired.'  Amazon Reviewer

Jonathan's first film as screenwriter 'THE LIVES OF LEE MILLER' broadcast on Channel 4 in 1986 is available on YouTube - see The lives of Lee Miller - YouTube - and DVD   

Hugh Purser is a non-executive director of companies in the UK and Singapore.  He is author with William Reed of A Samurai Walk, Budo Blogs & Poems, and 10 Meanings of Wa ( and founder with Jonathan Mantle of the UK-South-East Asia creative industries platform Republik of Kreative Ekonomi - see  He lives in Cambridge.               

Barnaby Newbolt produced 'THE DIAMOND 'D', Jonathan Mantle's 150th anniversary history of Denholm Group, for our imprint Profile Press. He lives in Cornwall. 

Alessandra Caggiano has worked on light-based projects with companies including Philips and Panasonic.  She is the Director of e-Luminate Studio and Curator of the e-Luminate Festival which shows Cambridge in a new light. See  Her clients include the Cambridge Association of Architects and The Swiss Garden at the Shuttleworth Collection.  She lives in Cambridge. 

Our current clients include Denholm Group, Denholm Oilfield Services, Swindens Patents and private individuals.

Our charitable support includes Changing Faces  Padstow Sea Cadets  Pembroke College Cambridge  and Royal Hill Community Garden Greenwich (find us on Facebook, Twitter and 38 Degrees).   

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