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PhotoTriggers, the new nationally-accredited UK interactive e-learning tool created and owned by Jonathan Mantle and Tony Othen, is now available on Virtual Campus in prisons in England and Wales.

‘A wonderful way of learning about the past’ - Dominic Sandbrook, historian.

'Utterly remarkable' - Chris Smith, former UK Minister for Culture, Media and Sport. 

To trial PhotoTriggers Unit 1: Living Conditions please click here


'I don't lecture.  I don't teach in the prescriptive sense.  I create and curate live experiences backed up by my own experience as a product-driven, creative industries practitioner to generate impact, encourage thoughts and increase confidence.  I have experienced both success and failure - each is equally valuable on the journey.' 

'I try to create drama and fun.  And I try never to do the same thing twice.'

'Thank you! The time you have given especially in mentoring, judging and the walking tour, has been exceptional. This was the best LCVC yet.'  Professor Alan Barrell, founder and organiser, Latvia-Cambridge Venture Camp, Cambridge August 2023.

'In one week, you helped change my mindset.' Latvia-Cambridge Venture Camp participant, Cambridge 

August 2022.

'Fantastic! You are a great inspiration!' Riga Technical University entrepreneur, 'We Haven't the Money, So We've Got to Think', Riga, May 2022.

'Thank you for your exciting and intriguing story about the two businesses, about your experience, about the value of teams and common understanding.  I can relate very well to your story.' Madara Mara Irbe, business mentor and principal in CONNECT Latvia, 'A Tale of Two Start-Ups', Riga, May 2022. 

Jonathan is a mentor with students at Pembroke College, Cambridge, and at the annual Cambridge University COMMS & CREATIVE EVENT. 

’You give great, concise advice and it really motivates me.' 2020 participant.  

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