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Photo: Hugh Purser

5 STARS ON AMAZON: 'The best book I have read on the subject so far.'


5 STARS ON WATERSTONE'S: 'Totally compelling... Everyone should read this book.'

Jonathan’s latest book ‘The Microwave Delusion’ with Brian Stein CBE chronicles the defective safety practices of the wireless industry worldwide and is available online and through bookshops including Amazon, Waterstone's, Blackwell's, W.H Smith,, Cygnus, Barnes and Noble, Foyles and RRP: £14.99 $22.99

Within a week of release, the book has been circulated through campaigning websites in the USA and translation rights enquiries have been made for Scandinavia. 

Current contract books with businesses include a UK house builder and a pet care business.

'Wally... Did You No Wrong' with Ron Evans is the untold true story of what happened to the 'lost' Sex Pistol, Wally Nightingale.  By total coincidence, Jonathan's brother Anthony Dod Mantle is DOP of the forthcoming Danny Boyle TV series 'Pistol' based on the memoir by Steve Jones.

Check out Ron Evans' Roncasts on Pistols fansites and youtube.   

Jonathan's new publishing imprint Galerie Zero Editions will be launched in Spring 2022.

Works will include novels ‘The River Tenants’ and ‘Randomised: A Record of the 80s’ and three books of poetry ‘The Sorting Office’, ‘Social Distance’ and ‘Fumes from the Engine: Poems for Men.’

His latest play ‘He Thinks in Colours, She Thinks in Numbers’ is published by Smith Scripts.