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Photo: Chris Widdows

'Borders and barriers of all kinds exist and always will.  But they are there to be crossed from both sides in the spirit of learning and mutual understanding.  And in the process we extend our own boundaries.'   

'Thanks to Elmars Baltins and Modris Ozolins of CONNECT Latvia, part-funded by the European Union, and to Professor Alan Barrell of Cambridge Learning Gateway, I recently returned from working in Riga, Latvia, a country only 30+ years free of Soviet occupation and which borders Russia.  The shining sense of pride in their country and desire to contribute to the future is all the more piquant given the situation with Ukraine.'

'All the more pathetic, then, that here in the UK so-called 'educated' people throw statues in rivers and call for plaques be taken down because of slavery issues that were resolved 150 years ago.  'Cancelling' free speech? 'Decolonising' nursery teachers?  What neo-Soviet narcissism! To quote the Chinese saying, 'You're smashing a cracked pot.' If you really want to make a difference, do something about what's happening now, like Ukraine, not what is safely confined to the history books.'    

Jonathan Mantle is a British writer and educationalist.  He creates the stories of individuals, organisations and businesses in multiple media.

His non-fiction trade books have achieved three Sunday Times Top Ten bestseller listings, an American Book of the Month Club Choice, 5 Star listings on Amazon and Waterstone's and are published in 30 countries and 16 languages, but not French. 


He is a sought-after content creator for enterprises of all sizes, with many contract books published with businesses.  He also undertakes private commissions for families wishing to set down their business history.    

Jonathan's paternal family come from ten generations in the Scottish borders.  The family name originates over 950 years ago from Normandy, in Northern France.  His father saw four years of action at sea in WW2 in the Atlantic, at Normandy and the Far East, and his mother instructed fighter bomber pilots.  His brother is the Oscar-winning Director of Photography, Anthony Dod Mantle, and he has a sister, Alison. 

Jonathan was educated at various schools and at Pembroke College, University of Cambridge, where he graduated with a B.A (Hons) Degree in English Literature.  He is a member of Cambridge Worldwide Associates.  He has two grown-up children who live in Mile End and Berlin, and lives by the sea near London.

You will find it impossible to put this book down’ Spectator.


‘A class act – and I say that about once a year’ Nick Linney, Chairman Linney Group.

‘I commend the story to you’ HM The Queen, Patron of Leonard Cheshire Disability.

‘A brilliant miniature epic’ William Feaver, writer and critic.

A witty, yet poignant piece of work’The Stage.

The students loved you – you have such energy!’ - Singapore Institute of Management.

Without your support I would never have got into college and done all the things I have done .’ - Central St Martin’s graduate, London.